Xiaomi Mi 6’s Home button might create a problem

Other than specs, a new problem has been revealed now!

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Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is making into headlines from few days after its announcement of upcoming phone Mi6. It already informed its eager buyers that the phone will be launched on April 19th. Just a few days more!

Xiaomi Mi 6’s Home button might create a problem

This is the first Chinese domestic smartphone to have Snapdragon 835 chip in it. As the launch date is nearing, the company has begun with releasing the daily teaser. Since most of its specifications are not clearly known, everyone is waiting for its teaser to get a better information on its features. Recently released teaser gave us a hint about dual camera setup as well as the polished ceramic body.

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Other than teasers and leaks, one more interesting thing about the device has been revealed now. It speaks about a hardware part which may create a huge problem for the device in the future. This is about home button of Mi6 which doubles as a fingerprint scanner.

Analyst, Sun Changxu discovered that the Xiaomi Mi 6 will come with an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner which is somewhat similar to the scanner present in Huawei P10 or Xiaomi Mi 5s. This fingerprint scanner is said to be embedded under the front glass of the phone like iPhone 7 and it has been marked so users can easily identify where the scanner is positioned.

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As it is mentioned earlier in this post that scanner also doubles as a home button, this has become the biggest drawback of the phone. It does not press down and for the proper functioning of it, a linear motor is required which provides vibrational feedback like iPhone 7.

But the linear motor used in the Mi 6 is of lower price. It is less than $1 whereas, the linear motor used in iPhone 7 is of $10. This was observed by another analyst called @Mocha RQ. He posted this information on Weibo using his account.

Xiaomi Mi 6’s Home button might create a problem

Usage of this cheap motor resulted in less vibrational feedback and therefore, lower reliability. We are not sure how people will perceive this feedback and whether Xiaomi will work towards it by providing more powerful motor in future.


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