Nexus 4 Toolkit: Root, Unroot, Lock, Unlock Bootloader, Flash Recovery and More

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Nexus 4 Toolkit: Root, Unroot, Lock, Unlock Bootloader, Flash Recovery and More

Google branded LG manufactured Nexus 4 is already up for sale in many countries across the world and if you are a tech enthusiasts and looking to alter your new shiny device then here is a good news for you. Nexus 4 has received its first toolkit, Version 1.0.0, released by XDA developer Mskip.

For those who are not aware, toolkits provide interested consumers in playing with settings and specifications of a device, with almost all kinds of tweaking options at a single place. It helps in installing drivers, and comes with all necessary features for flashing and unlocking.

The new toolkit application for Nexus 4 is free to download and also there is a donate version available with more features.

The Nexus 4 toolkit offers a host of functions which help those involved in altering the device’s firmware. Many are reluctant to dig deeper into their new devices for fear of damaging it. For activities like rooting, which many consider essential, the toolkit has everything needed, and so much more.

With this new toolkit, you can back-up, restore a single package or even all your applications and the data contained in them. Full Nandroid Backup via ADB and then saving it on your PC by turning it into Custom Recovery format are possible with this version. It allows you to do simpler stuff too, such as flashing a Google stock image to your phone. 

However, at this point in time, flash custom recovery is not possible with the toolkit due to the presence of a secured boot which does not allow the phone from performing flash recovery. Hence the feature has been disabled even though it can be booted. However, we can hope that this would come as an option in the coming versions. 

The toolkit includes almost all the functions for your Nexus 4. It is advisable to undertake proper research before using the toolkit to prevent any damage to the phone. The original thread consisting of the discussion about Nexus 4 toolkit, by the XDA developers can be followed here. 

Download the Nexus 4 toolkit version 1.0.0 from here.

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