Samsung launching new improved version Samsung Galaxy S2 Duos

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Samsung launching new improved version Samsung Galaxy S2 Duos

Samsung Galaxy S II itself is a very successful model from Samsung. So how can the manufacturer make it even better? Throw in dual SIM functionality. That is exactly what the company is planning.

A new and improved version of the Samsung Galaxy S II with dual SIM support will hit the shelves in China in the near future. Till now this feature was somewhat reserved for affordable smart phones and other feature phones. But Samsung has decided to set a new bench mark in their new phone which is termed as Samsung Galaxy S II Duos which will also be known as Samsung I929.

Features and specifications of Samsung Galaxy SII Duos:

  • 4.52 inch screen

  • Super AMOLED Plus WVGA type display

  • Dual core processor

  • Clock speed of 1.2 GHz

  • Android operating system

  • Dual cameras packing 8 mega pixel and 2 mega pixel resolution

  • Internal memory of 16 GB

  • Expandable memory to up to 32 GB by the addition of a microSD type card slot

  • Wi-Fi

  • Bluetooth 3.0

  • GPS

  • MHL Video-output support

  • Battery capacity : 1800 mAh

This new model will work in CDMA2000 as well as GSM frequency bands. This is a good thing since the user has now option to select from a wide variety of network providers. The phone shares most of its features with its older sibling.

One interesting thing to find out is that whether Samsung will introduce this mobile phone outside the boundaries of China. In China dual, triple and even quadruple SIM phones are easily available. So this model won’t come as a surprise to them. Some other regions where this phone can be introduced are the Asia, African regions where there is potential for multiple SIM phones. The reason is that in these places most of the phones are unlocked versions and the user has the liberty to choose between any networks after choosing the mobile phone. But this is not the case in regions like US .There the mobile phone markets are mainly carrier centric and the people prefer such phones. So there won’t be any chance that Samsung will introduce this phone in the US soil. But whether they will be introduced in the rest of the world is still a big question only time will tell.

Samsung Galaxy SII Duos price figures are not yet known but will be on par with other dual SIM phones.

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