Data Scientists Claim 85% AI Projects Fail To Deliver What They Promise


When it comes to AI and Machine Learning, we have witnessed several OEMs attempting their integration on their products and also in their offices to create an LoT ecosystem. A lot of them face failure but some succeed as well. However, both technologies are still in the development phase and data scientists are still enhancing them to make our life easier.

Data Scientists Claim 85% AI Projects Fail What They Promise

Keeping all this in mind, Analytics Vidhya conducted the DataHack Summit 2019 in Bengaluru, which highlighted the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The conference kicked off on November 13 and it will last till November 15.

Data researchers and top AI experts across India have taken part in this conference. Companies like PhonePe and American Express has also taken part in this event. During the event, researchers have also demonstrated live hacking and acknowledged the vulnerability behind the easy hacking.

According to them the devices like smartphone, laptops, tablets and others are more vulnerable when they are connected with open Wi-Fi. Usually, public Wi-Fi is not secure enough and can be hacked easily and get into users' personal data and media files.

Data scientists also had a panel discussion on how 85 percent of the AI project fails to deliver on their intended promises to business. According to the data scientists, there are three major causes -- mismanagement, lack of skilful resources, and people with below par skills.

Data Scientists Claim 85% AI Projects Fail What They Promise

As per data scientists, not everyone knows about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning thoroughly. There is a lack of resource which will educate users about how these two technology works. AI and Machine Learning work hand in hand, the interaction between users with AI will allow the technology to learn more about the requirements of the users.

According to the reports, there are many certifications centers in Bengaluru which educate people about AI and Machine Learning. But people are not ready to scale up their skills by enrolling themselves into certification. These are the challenges AI is facing to succeed.


Companies like IBM, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon have also seen AI failures in the initial stage. According to Arvind Krishna, IBM's senior vice president of cloud and cognitive software, "Many ambitious artificial Intelligence-backed projects never come to fruition due in large part to issues with data collection and cleaning," reports The Wall Street Journal.

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