Google’s New AI Tool Will Help You Pronounce Words With Finesse


Google search certainly prompts answers to the questions we ask. Now, Google is releasing a new feature where users can check how to pronounce words. The Artificial Intelligence-enabled tool is rolling out today (November 15) and will be accessible to all users searching on Google. The tool allows users to practice the right way of saying a word.

New Google AI Tool Teaches Pronunciation

Google AI Tool For Pronunciation

The new Google AI tool allows users to practice the right way of pronouncing a word. By tapping on the microphone icon, users can speak out the word and they would get an immediate response and feedback about their pronunciation. The idea is to help people learning a new language with the right pronunciations.

The Google AI tool for pronunciation is powered by machine learning. This means Google's speech recognition tools will process the pronounced word, break it into individual sounds, and further compare it with an expert's pronunciation. The AI tool certainly appeals to those learning a new language or those traveling.

The new Google AI tool also features images in its dictionary. The Google AI tool for pronunciation is available in the English language for the time being. Google has added only nouns for the initial launch and says it would add more. However, adding images for verbs and adverbs would be quite challenging.

Google says that steps in speech recognition and machine learning help to improve the way humans learn languages. "We hope these new features give you a creative, more effective way to practice, visualize and remember new words. We plan to expand these features to more languages, accents and regions in the future," Google said while announcing the AI pronunciation tool.

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