Windows Phone 8 Release: Microsoft Sends Invites for an October 29 Event

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Windows Phone 8 Release: Microsoft Sends Invites for an October 29 Event

Microsoft is reportedly sending out invites to the tech media world for the Surface Reception event to be held on October 25 in order to release the Windows 8 OS and the Surface tablet.

At the same time, another report by TheVerge is creating a lot of excitement among the Windows fans as the company is also sending invites for a special event on October 29 in San Francisco. Undoubtedly, this event is for the official release of the Windows Phone 8 OS.

According to a WPCentral report, Microsoft would hold a special press event for Windows Phone 8 to finally show off the OS and sure enough, it has come true. On Monday, October 29th at 10AM, Microsoft will show off to the world their new mobile OS originally codenamed ‘Apollo’. The announcement is coming just days before the first expected availability of new Windows Phone 8 devices, thought to be arriving on November 4, 2012.

Earlier reports rumored Microsoft to release the smartphone version of the Windows 8 on October 29, but there were no confirmation from the software giant. However, now Microsoft is announcing this officially and it has also assured that there will be additional details on the day of release.

Windows Phone 8 OS includes multicore support, NFC/Wallet support, removable Micro SD card storage (for certain phone models), encryption and secure boot alongside higher screen resolutions such as 1280 x 768 and 1280 x 720 in addition to the existing 480x800. 

Analysts assume that Windows Phone 8 is the mobile operating system developed by Microsoft to take on Google’s dominant Android and Apple’s iPhone smartphone market.


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