Amazfit GTR 2e Review: Bulky, Power-Packed Smartwatch For Fitness Freaks


Smartwatches have surged in popularity, not just for their health features, but even as a style quotient. Both smartwatches and fitness trackers have boomed over the past few years for their trackers and sensors. The latest to join the list is the Amazfit GTR 2e that comes with an elegant borderless display.



Amazfit GTR 2e Review

Amazfit smartwatches

Like several Amazfit smartwatches, the multiple sports mode on the Amazfit GTR 2e stands out. The unisex design with a circular dial is attractive for the asking price of less than Rs. 10,000. Here is the detailed review that discusses all the factors the GTR 2e has to offer and whether the smartwatch would make a good buy for you.

Amazfit GTR 2e Unisex Design

Amazfit GTR 2e Unisex Design

Amazfit GTR 2e comes in a unisex design featuring a large, circular dial. One of the most striking features is the 2.5D curved glass that presents an edge-to-edge display of a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen with an HD resolution. Amazfit has embedded an aluminum alloy body with a glass vacuum coating, which highlights the bezel-less design.

The Amazfit GTR 2e features an always-on display, which is also customizable via the app. This helps you to access any key info right on your wrist. Since you can also turn it off, it helps save the battery. Plus, you can also choose the watch face for the AoD. Additionally, there are several watch faces to choose from that suit your style. Amazfit has included over 50 watch faces that feature bold, elegant, and personalized.

vacuum coating of the smartwatch

Another factor to be mentioned here is the anti-fingerprint vacuum coating of the smartwatch. The smudge-proof design makes it even better for prolonged usage. Additionally, the smartwatch display has the strokes of a typical watch, which presents a formal and elegant look. One will find two physical buttons on the right side, which functions as a power and a back button.

Amazfit GTR 2e is available in several color

The Amazfit GTR 2e is available in several color options like Slate Grey, Obsidian Black, and Matcha Green. The one reviewed here is the Obsidian Black, which simply goes with everything - be it formal, casual, or even a sports meet!

The smartwatch is quite comfortable to wear throughout the day and into the night. The credits go to the silicone strap that makes it quite comfortable, 24/7. That said, I felt the dial was a bit too large. It could feel bulky, especially if you have tiny hands. However, those who prefer a classy, large dial would love the look and feel of the Amazfit GTR 2e.

Amazfit GTR 2e: Power-Packed Performance

Amazfit GTR 2e: Power-Packed Performance

Coming to performance, the Amazfit GTR 2e is a performance-rich device. If you're into sports and wish to track all your movements, the GTR 2e is the ideal smartwatch for you. The device with 90 sports modes that take care of all your activities. In case you can't find the particular activity or sports you need, you can always switch to the free training mode to track your movements.

numerous sports mode

The numerous sports mode is something I came to enjoy on the Amazfit GTR 2e. Be it yoga, outdoor running or walking, or even strength training - the smartwatch has everything you need. Since the smartwatch comes with 5ATM water resistance, it is ideal for swimming and other water-sports. Plus, the PAI score helps better understand your performance. PAI is particularly unique to Amazfit smartwatches and fitness trackers.

PAI expands to Personal Activity Intelligence, which is a personal physiological activity indicator. The sensor combined heart rate, active time, and other indicators into values to assess your health. it's completely personalized, and the data is presented after seven days of continuous tracking. All those health-conscious people would love this feature as it helps better understand your body.

Speaking of PAI

Speaking of PAI, it brings us to the sensors aboard the smartwatch. You will get a heart rate, blood oxygen saturation measurement or SpO2, and sleep quality sensors. Plus, the Amazfit GTR 2e comes with other sensors to monitor your stress levels, body temperature, acceleration, gyroscope, 3-axis geomagnetic, ambient light, air pressure, and even a weather checker. As one of the latest smartwatches from the company, these sensors feature some of the advanced technologies.

Amazfit GTR 2e Battery Performance

Amazfit GTR 2e Battery Performance

Another key factor to be discussed is the battery of the Amazfit GTR 2e. The company claims the battery can last 24 days on typical usage and up to 45 days with basic usage. The battery of the GTR 2e is longer-lasting than the GTR 2. During my time with the smartwatch, it easily lasted more than two weeks on a single charge without a dip in the battery levels.

I did notice the GPS automatically switches on when you start running or walking. This again takes a slight dip in the battery, but it's negligible. Turning off the always-on display further reduced the battery drainage. The Amazfit GTR 2e packs a 471 mAh battery, which takes about two hours to fully charge. One might feel this is a pretty duration to charge a smartwatch!

Amazfit GTR 2e or the GTR 2?

Amazfit GTR 2e or the GTR 2?

Both the Amazfit GTR 2 and the GTR 2e are similar on several levels. The design is largely similar, however, GTR 2 is available in both sport and classic editions. Additionally, the GTR 2 supports the speaker feature, which is pretty useful if you don't have a smartphone nearly. On the other hand, the Amazfit GTR 2e can check your body temperature, which isn't available on the GTR 2.

Both feature the borderless, bezel-less display as apart of the new design concept. And both are elegant and classy in the unisex design with largely similar sports modes. However, the Amazfit GTR 2e is much cheaper than the GTR 2. If you want something available well within Rs. 10K, go for the Amazfit GTR 2e.

Amazfit GTR 2e Verdict

Amazfit GTR 2e Verdict

The Amazfit GTR 2e might feel like a typical Amazfit smartwatch! It's feature-rich and power-packed that caters to a diverse audience. Whether you're a person into sports or looking for a casual everyday smartwatch, the Amazfit GTR 2e makes a great choice. Features aside, the design makes it stylish for every occasion. Plus, the below-10K price tag makes it even more attractive!

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