5 things to know about Facebook’s Snapchat Clone-Messenger Day

    Facebook seems quite impressed with the sensational photo-video app Snapchat, which allows users to share photos and videos and to create stories out of them.

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    After updating Instagram with Snapchat inspired story feature, and launching a standalone stripped down version of Snapchat- Lifestage, Facebook is now testing Snapchat-like photo and video messages that disappear after 24 hours - in its popular Messenger app. The new feature is currently in testing phase and will modify the Messenger app with a number of interesting features.

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    But is the world ready for another app with the similar features when Snapchat and Instagram are already there on everyone's smartphones?

    Let's try to find out what Messenger Day is all about with the following points.

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    What is Messenger Day

    Similar to Snapchat Story feature, Messenger Day is an update to Facebook's Messenger app that will allow users to post a photo or a video of a moment, which will disappear after 24 hours.

    Users will also be able to send it to a specific recipient on their contact list.

    Build around Stickers and Graphic filters

    Snapchat has a good number of stickers divided into categories, however Messenger Day will be much more sticker-centric and most of them will be very specific.

    With Messenger Day, Facebook wants you to express your feelings, your current mood, what you want to do, etc. all through stickers and a range of graphic filters with catchy lines, typography and vibrant colours. These graphical representations will come as a fun way to communicate for those who are not good artists.

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    Draw and write on Images

    In addition to stickers and graphics, Messenger day will also offer the option to draw or add text to images before users send them to their contacts.

    Will it see the light of day?

    Facebook is aware about Snapchat's popularity around the globe and don't want its Messenger Day to end up in the list of uninstalled apps.

    The company is testing the new features only in Poland as of now, where Snapchat is not quite popular. According to Facebook, this is a small test and the company have nothing more to announce at this time.

    But we know that Facebook performs a series of tests before it unveils new features to the world. We expect the new app to launch anytime in the upcoming days to other regions around the world.

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    Should Snapchat be worried?

    Snapchat has enjoyed a very fast rise to fame in the world of smartphone apps. The platform has over 150 million daily active users worldwide and the numbers are constantly growing with the internet penetration. The company has recently ventured into hardware space with the showcase of ‘Spectacles', a pair of glasses that shoots videos and beam it on your smartphone.

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    There's no way Facebook will overcome the figures of Snapchat users, at least in near future, however Facebook's Messenger might co-exist easily in today's digital world where users find it difficult to stick to one app.

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