7 Ways How WhatsApp is ruining your life!

    Gone are the days of sending love letters and exchanging emails in cyber cafes, now is the time of real time instant messaging. And one of the giant of instant messaging in today's world is Whatsapp! Now Whatsapp may have proven to be a boon for a lot of people in a lot of ways but it's definitely not much of a boon for couples especially the new ones. So let's checkout some details about how Whatsapp can ruin your relationship and how you can stop that from happening.

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    Here are those seven ways in which Whatsapp can ruin your relationship:


    A guy was once forgiven by his girlfriend on the basis of benefit of doubt that he might have not read her text that's why he didn't reply. But it looks like GOD or the people at Facebook didn't like this incident at all and thus gave birth to the ‘Blue Ticks'. The guy's only chance of being forgiven for not replying is now taken away from him! God rest his soul in peace!!



    Now you just wished a very sweet good night to your man and suddenly you get a text from your old school friend. As you continue catching up on each other, there is better half waiting and speculating as kinds of possibilities as to why you were still online after you said goodbye.


    To solve the above problem you may hide your last scene but even doing that has its consequences too. First, you will not be able to see anyone's last scene either and this will create all the more mystery and unwanted speculations about your last scene.


    Well in real world ‘Okay' or ‘K' means that you have understood something or you have agreed to something. But in Whatsapp language ‘K' almost stands for ‘Kill', it is not only a conversation killer but people might also think of it as you being rude to them.

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    Talk about being rude and here come the 50 different groups (some of them you might not even remember) and those obnoxious 100s of messages. Everything from forwards to unwanted meaningless chats, you have to bear them all and are even obliged to reply from time-to-time. If you don't do that then be prepare to see the parade come right at your face, all the comments and the daunting notifications.


    You just had a little fight with your loved one and are probably looking for some virtual shoulders to weep upon. But make sure you don't go over board and indulge in too much of that harmless flirting. As too much of anything can prove to be very costly to you. Remember, there is always someone watching!


    Whether it is virtual PDA or just normal messaging to each other, in the end it's all just on the screen. You can't feel each other's smiles or tears; you can't actually hold hands & discuss your feelings. Though this is all sentimental but unfortunately true.

    Maybe these are all the reasons because of which most relationships have become like China products (You know what I mean). Lack of touch, lack of emotions and ultimately lack of trust, all thanks to the advance technology we have in hand. But all this can be avoided if you have the understanding and take the right steps. All the best!

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