CES 2015: Sony Introduces New Stainless Steel Smartwatch 3 and Smart B-Trainer

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Sony has been wandering around the smartwatch stage for quite some time now and finally it has got an opportunity to showcase some of its gorgeously crafted wearables at CES 2015 taking place in Las Vegas right now.

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Last year at CES, Sony had showcased the SmartBand SWR10 -- a 24/7 wearable device which was fully waterproof even though its microUSB port was fully exposed. The SWR10 is a light, unobtrusive wearable that featured Sony's modular approach. It allowed the technology to be worn in different colours and styles, to suit individual taste and personality.

CES 2015: Sony Introduces New Wearables

As the years passed by, Sony has been constantly focussing and working on creatives and brands from across the lifestyle section, fashion, and design spectrum to explore custom designs, hence creating a base for its collections. Sony SmartWear chose its design ideology from the likes of Jack Vartanian, ALTEWAISAOME, and Ted Baker and most recently, the popular women's lifestyle brand, ROXY.

This year we get to see the non-haulting tech giant has worked hard to craft the stainless steel Smartwatch 3.

Sony's new wearable, the SmartWatch 3 comes in stainless steel straps, matches contemporary with timeless aestheticism for a premium look and feel. Sony SmartWatch 3 - Key Specifications are as follows: SmartWatch 3 features a 1.6-inch 320×320 TFT LCD Transflective display for visibility in bright sunlight and water protected under IP68 rating. Charging can be done via a standard microUSB port.

The SmartWatch 3 can also be used without connecting to Android smartphone. It has functionality like native music playback, intelligent sensor technology and a unique inbuilt GPS sensor.

Now, Golfshot and iFit are two developers already working on the Android wear experiences with SmartWatch 3, for performances both on the track and course from January. Moreover, SmartWatch 3 users will have exclusive access for the premium Golfshot and iFit app.

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To further lighten up the moment, Sony also unveiled a SmartWatch 3 holder, allowing users to customize SmartWatch 3 with any standard 24mm watch strap, which will be available from the early part of 2015.

CES 2015: Sony Introduces New Wearables

Smart B-Trainer

Behind the screens of launching the software development kit, Sony is also sharing its new applications for current prototypes such as SmartEyeglass Developer Edition, along with a new conceptual style -- SmartEyeglass Attach! Which consist of a single lens display module for attaching to regular glasses, allowing developers to create applications for sports and performance.

Smart B-Trainer lifestyle a copy of Sony's Smart B-Trainer prototype was also introduced as a waterproof all-in-one headset style device with multi-sensor capability specifically designed for runners. The current prototype features inbuilt memory - and will provide voice trainning, as well as music playback, intelligently suggesting the most suitable soundtrack to accompany a runner during their workouts.

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