Now You Can Delete/Hide Contacts from Frequently Contacted on WhatsApp

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It is no doubt that WhatsApp has revolutionised the way we communicate further taking instant, digital messaging to a new level. While frequently releasing updates, WhatsApp has become the most used messaging smartphone application.

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Now You Can Delete/Hide Contacts from Frequently Contacted on WhatsApp

As such, WhatsApp has launched a new feature known as Frequently Contacted section which was introduced recently with the support to forward WhatsApp messages to multiple chats at once. The Frequently Contacted section has been very useful in saving time while forwarding messages. But, there is more if you are one who would like to hide specific contacts/groups from the screen.

If you didn't know, WhatsApp has a setting which allows you to hide or delete contacts from Frequently Contacted on WhatsApp. This post will share information about how to hide or delete contacts from Frequently Contacted on WhatsApp for Android and iOS.

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What is Frequently Contacted Section?

In the Frequently Contacted section the top 5 contacts/groups with the highest number of messages appear when forwarding WhatsApp messages. Alternatively, Recent Chats section shows the most recent contacts/groups with whom you had a conversation.

You should remember that the method given below will only hide contacts from Frequently Contacted section. For Recent Chats section, the contacts will be moved down the list but not deleted or hidden.

Now, in order to delete or hide specific contacts from the screen, you will have to delete the chat of those specific contacts. Follow the steps below to delete a chat on WhatsApp.


For iOS

You can hide specific contact by:
1. Launch WhatsApp and swipe left on the name of the contact whom you want to hide. Select More.
2. After that select Delete Chat from the list of options. This should do the trick.

For Android

It also involves the same steps for hiding the contact and group on Android. All you need to do is Clear Chat and bingo the conversation will be hidden.
1. Open the chat of the contact/group you wish to hide. Tap on the 3 dots at the top right.
2. Select Clear Chat.

Deleting Particular Group from Frequently Contacted Screen

There there is no Delete Chat option for a group so to hide a group you will have to use Clear Chat option. You can also use it to hide a contact as well. There are a few more steps involved in this case and is given below.

1. After selecting Clear Chat for the desired conversation of group/contact select Settings tab at the bottom right.
2. Then under Settings, you need to select Account.
3. In that select Storage Usage.
4. Finally, tap on reload/refresh circular icon at the top right corner.

It will refresh all the chats and reduce the messages for the chat you just cleared. With this, the group or contact will be hidden from Frequently Contacted section.

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