7 interesting ways to use your smartphone

Interesting smartphone uses.

    Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. The reason for smartphones to have become indispensable is that these devices have taken the capability of mobile phones beyond making and answering calls.

    7 interesting ways to use your smartphone

    Well, it is common to see people using their smartphones for playing games, watching movies, checking emails, texting, calling, checking social media updates, browsing the internet, listening to music, clicking selfies, shooting videos, and a lot more. However, these are something that everyone does on their smartphones.

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    If you are wondering how you can use your smartphone innovatively, then you have landed on the right page as here we tell you interesting things that you can do with the device. Do take a glance at these from below.

    Track your income and expenses

    With a smartphone, you can keep a track of your income and the expenses you do to get a clear picture of your financial position. This way, you can also plan your budget efficiently. There are many apps that let you keep a track of the income and expenses by managing your daily expenses. You can use these apps to cover your basic expenses including clothing, education, food, travel, etc. You can also use these apps to get a report as per your convenience.

    Measure your heartbeat

    Gone are the days when people had to visit a hospital to check their heartbeat as the same can be done with the help of smartphones itself. The camera in your smartphone comes with flash that can double as a heart rate monitor. All you need to do is just place your finger on the lens and flash for a few seconds and there are apps that can read the pulse giving you the heartbeat rate.

    Find out a leaky window

    In the rainy season, it is important to make sure that the windows in your home are tightly sealed to prevent unnecessary seepage of water inside. While it could be tough to find out leaky windows in your home, your smartphone can help you by doing it for you. You can turn the smartphone into a thermal imaging camera by attaching add-ons such as FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera. This will make it easier to detect the leak spots on the window. The same can be used to detect leaks in the ceiling, walls, and floors as well.

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    Barcode or QR code scanning

    When you are out shopping, your smartphone can come to your rescue by scanning barcodes or QE codes. You just have to point the barcode of the product to the camera to get to know the details of the product in a convenient way. There are apps as well for barcode and QR code scanning. QR codes are square box-like codes that are found on products and scanning on these will redirect you to a specific set of details.

    Language translation

    This is an interesting use of smartphones and their camera units. When you are in a different country without any knowledge on the local language, the translation capability of your phone will rescue you. There's no need to be clueless as the Google Translate app does all the magic almost instantly. All you need to do is aim the camera of your phone at the text and get it translated into a preferred language.

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    Use your phone as a mic

    If you are involved in making audio recording, you will need a good microphone. Of course, the headphones have a mic and even the computers have a mic. But, the audio quality of these microphones are limited and sometimes they might stop working while you are in a conversation. Your smartphone can be a savior in such cases. You can download the apps such as WO Mic that doubles your phone as a mic and connect the phone to a device via USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

    Control other devices

    There was a time when we were using a remote control for every device. Now, the infrared sensor in smartphones helps in controlling all the other devices. To do so, you need to download some remote control on your smartphone such as Peel Smart Remote. Next time, when you are not finding your remote, you can your smartphone to do the controlling task.

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