Illumination bar notification app for Sony Xperia P, S and U phones

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Illumination bar notification app for Sony Xperia P, S and U phones

Sony has made available an interesting application just for its selected Xperia models. Sony Xperia P, S and U model, owners can have access to an interesting third party application called illuminating transparent bar. In these Xperia models, you can see a transparent bar on the bottom of the screen. Once a missed call or a text message comes, this bar will be illuminated to notify users. This will help users not to miss any of the missed calls or messages on your handset as the bar keeps lighted still you open the message or missed call.

As the Xperia models were launched earlier to this feature release, users were confused on the actual use of these transparent bars on the screen. The earlier rumor was that the Illumination bar is for intimating any new features or notifications that will be received on your handset. It is now clear about the original intention of the Illumination bar. There are settings by which you can customize the illumination effect as you can keep it lit constantly or else at different blinking speeds.

You can further improve the settings like the light can be set to turn off whenever the phone is unlocked or else it can be set to blink until you read the text message or clicks the missed call menu. Sony Xperia U users are mostly benefited with the illuminating transparent bar as they have more interesting customization options like you can set your desired color for illuminating from a choice of red, green, blue, and yellow. The Sony Xperia S and Xperia P owners can have only the default white colour.

Users are, however, surprised by the delay in Sony announcing this feature/application. The illumination feature as per may experts may be just the starting point of more features to come like value added services could be rolled out by handset manufacturers using these customizable display bars later.

Sony Xperia users can download this illumination bar application from the Google play store free of cost. You can visit here to access and install the recent Illumination bar notification feature for Sony Xperia P, S and U models.

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