Take a Look at the Must-have Apps that Ensure Women Safety

These apps ensure women safety.

    Before starting off, answer a simple question, how safe do you think are women in India? Have no answer, right? Well, that's pretty obvious. Woman safety has become one of the most sensitive and debatable issues to talk about in the country today. Be it a remote region or a metropolitan city, the crime against women is on a drastic rise, out of which some are highlighted, while some remain unreported.

    Take a Look at the Must-have Apps that Ensure Women Safety

    Well, it's just a few days ago that a molestation case occurred in Bengaluru on new year eve created a lot of buzz on the websophere. Well, that's not just one such incident, and are followed by hundreds and thousands of similar events of crime against women which surely proves that no corners of the country are safe for women. The question that arises here is, how can we combat these incidents and ensure women safety?

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    It is always a wise decision to take preliminary precautions, stay alert at all times. Well, one such rescue options are the digitally advanced smartphones and the hordes of apps available on Google Play Store. Yes, Play Store houses several women safety applications that are must-download for all the women out there. We expect this is one such initiative to mitigate the rising incidents of crime against women. Let's take a quick look at the best apps that ensure women safety.

    My Safetipin: Personal Safety

    This free Android application is said to be a woman's personal safety companion. The application helps a woman to take safer decisions, get alerts if they are at risk, or enter an unsafe location. If just in case you have entered an unsafe area, My Safetipin app will help let the woman inform friends and family about the risk and take necessary initiatives.

    It is recommended that if you're planning to go any unknown place, to open the application and find out the most safety way to your destination. This will let you take precautionary measures, in turn, avoid any unfortunate event. While searching for your destination, the app will score the area in terms of its safety based on a range of parameters.

    To perform these activities, the application uses your GPRS locator in order to provide you with the safest information about the area and people around. Having a working internet connectivity is a must.

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    Raksha - Women Safety Alert

    Raksha is one of the most effective women safety apps available for download in the Google Play Store. Offered by BharatSewa.com, the Raksha app, will let you send a location alert, create groups with trusted members, adds multiple contacts along with 100 dials for help, sends SMS when in no-Internet zone and the best is among the lot if the SOS functionality.

    Ensuring women safety, the app lets your loved ones know about your locations, and well-being at just a click of the volume button.

    The salient features of the applications include - Sends location even without internet or turning on the app, emergency alert, Geo Fencing, allow easy navigation, alerts on entering Dark Zone or Danger Zone or Insecure Zone, and also comes with a loud buzzer, which alerts the public around in incidents of any eve-teasing or any other.

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    Smart24x7-Personal Safety

    Why Smart 24x7 app differs from other similar apps, is because it comes with a panic button which brings instant help from the nearest police station, hospitals and fire service based on your requirement. The application is supported by Gurgaon Police, Chandigarh Police, Jammu Police, Mohali Police and UP Fire Services (Lucknow & Noida), and is soon expected to extend its reach to other corners of the country.

    The smart24x7 app sends across alerts to your selected people and records voices and takes photographs of the panic situation. All you need to do is press the panic button and select a service.

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    redEye - Women Safety

    This Android application keeps an eye on you and sends alert to you loved ones when you are in an unsafe location or stuck in danger. redEye notifies you trusted people when you stop for long in a location or deviate your path. Not only this, redEye allows you to trigger SOS with current location details with multiple power button clicks, and disallow people from switching off your phone, so that your loved ones can track you quickly. Ensure that your GPS is enabled all the time, as it makes it easy for others to track your location in case you are stuck in a critical situation.

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    Nirbhaya - Be Safe, Be Free

    Nirbhaya: Be Fearless, Be Free app comes packed with a single click distress signal. If the app finds you in an unfortunate situation, it sends across distress call along with an emergency message to your loved ones stating your location details, and other related information.

    To send alerts to your friends and family, you don't have to open the app to do so, and just press And, you don't need to open the app all over again, yes, you can simply press the power button and the app will automatically send an SOS alert of your condition to your friends.

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