Divoom iFit2 speaker for smart phones and tablets

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Divoom iFit2 speaker for smart phones and tablets


Nowadays if you have a smart phone or tablet the first accessory you will invest on is probably a pair of good quality headphones. But in headphone the music sharing capability is very limited. So the next best option will be to go for a portable speaker. Considering the portable speaker markets even if there is a huge array of such devices in the market they would be designed to work with a single device.

Many of them are on the expensive side too. So you invest on good quality speakers and if you decide to change your phone or tablet then you will have to do with the speaker accessories too. This is a major drawback that prevents lots of people from buying these portable speakers.

Satechi has analyzed this problem and has offered a solution. They have recently introduced a universal speaker stand that is compatible with most of the devices out there in the market. So even if you change your phone or tablet you won’t have to change the speaker stand. This latest offering from Satechi is termed as Divoom iFit-2.


Features and specifications of Satechi Divoom iFit-2:

  • Portable

  • High fidelity audio

  • 6 watts speaker

  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery

  • 7 hours of play time


The device looks like a simple phone/tablet stand and you won’t even notice the speakers present in first glance. The large base in the front ensures that it can accommodate tablets of very large size to ultra thin smart phones. The device is so compatible that you can find a place for it anywhere in your home or office. The stand comes in a shiny black coloured finish. The fit and durability of the build materials looks very promising.

The audio quality is very remarkable. The speaker in the stand can deliver 6 watts of power. It is powerful enough to flood a whole room in music. The sound quality is also very impressive and so is the audio range. The stand has a lithium rechargeable battery in it and in full charge it will deliver up to 7 hours of nonstop music. There is an opening for a 30-pin connector in the stand so that you can attach a charging cable and charge your device while it is playing music.

Satechi Divoom iFit-2 comes with a price tag of about Rs.1,500/-. This device gives you very good value for your money.


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