Microsoft Introduces SkyDrive SDKs for .NET and Windows Phone 8

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Microsoft Introduces SkyDrive SDKs for .NET and Windows Phone 8

Microsoft, after releasing new APIs the previous year, has now introduced SkyDrive SDKs for almost all the major platforms such as Android, Windows 8, iOS and JavaScript Web Library with the latest additions being for .NET and Windows Phone 8. In order to attract more developers, SkyDrive has integrated with several interesting and useful services including IFTTT (If This Then That), DocuSign and SoundGecko. 

IFTTT service brings together the power of different web services by creating customizable action triggers. Docusign is a site for electronic signatures ensuring security. SoundGecko lets you enjoy written content while travelling, by transcribing text to audio. 

Ever since the introduction of SkyDrive"s SDK"s, developers have been requesting a .NET library that works for client desktop apps as well as ASP.NET apps. The new release by SkyDrive enables the user to create applications that works both in traditional desktop situations and server side situations. 

With the client version of .NET SDK, you can create Windows Form, WPF or console apps that allows you to access their SkyDrive data. In the server version which allows you to create ASP.NET websites and also web server components which can communicate with Skydrive, it is very easy for your identity system be incorporated with Microsoft account or even allow your primary identity system to be your Microsoft account. 

The SkyDrive support for Windows Phone 8 takes advantage of some new features the platform offers and provides a programming model which is easy to use and which enables your code to be moved between Windows 8 application and Windows Phone 8 app, very easily. 

The new look that SkyDrive has imbibed for winning over developers is sure to give it a thrust among its competitors like Dropbox and   

The SDK"s for Windows Phone 8 and .NET can be downloaded here

Source: Inside SkyDrive

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