Microsoft Uncovers its new Metro-Inspired Logo, Discover How the Company Changed through the Years [Pictures]

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Microsoft Uncovers its new Metro-Inspired Logo, Discover How the Company Changed through the Years [Pictures]

Now it can be definitely said that Microsoft is not just trying but is all geared up to blowup the booming market of smartphones and tablets with its latest iteration of OS, which is currently dominated by Apple and Google. The software giant has finally evolved a new logo in the history of 25 years.

Analysts predict that Microsoft has taken this step to spice up the look of its products – prior to the updated release of its flagship models enthrusted with Windows 8 OS. The Mountain View Valley company has come out with a fresh logo which is in the Segoe font – commonly visible in Microsoft’s marketing materials and products.

According to Microsoft representative, the four colored squares used in the logo represents Microsoft’s diverse portfolio of products. The logo displays the color codes of various products from Microsoft’s product line, like blue for Windows, Red for Office and Green for Xbox. Reportedly, the letters ‘f’ and ‘t’ are integrated in the logo as one and Microsoft has used the Segue font, a font owned by the company.

As revealed by The Seattle Times, Microsoft’s General Manager of Brand Strategy, Jeff Hansen said that the new logo signifies “signal the heritage but also signal the future — a newness and freshness.”

Apart from the logo change, Microsoft has brought remarkable modifications to its array of products which include Windows phone OS and Xbox 360.The design based changes are being viewed as an effort to fight the ever increasing competition imposed by Apple especially on the user experience angle.

As per the records, Microsoft in a total has had five corporate logos in last 37 years.

During the early years, the Windows creator randomly changed the company's logo -- however, after 1987 the company clinged to the last logo only. For those who would like to check out the historic logos of the company, flip through the picture gallery and get to know the facts and details of each logo, if interested.

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