Social networks are toppling mobile phones

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Social networks are toppling mobile phones

A recent study has revealed that the social networking sites and the VoIP apps like Skype are the most preferred means of communication for users to stay close to their friends and family.

KPMG, a business advisory group conducted the survey and revealed that about 47% of them do not spend any time outside their office when it comes to speaking over mobile phones. About 16% users spend an hour or so on the mobiles or Skype to speak during the day time.

On the other hand, over 3/4th of them use social networks like Twitter or Facebook on a daily basis of which 38% of them use it for browsing for about an hour.

When people are asked to all others outside work, they do not show interest in using their phones as much as they show on Skype.

In 2011, only 29% preferred to use their mobile phones for talking while in 2008 it was about 67%. When asked about the use of computers for voice conversation, in 2011 about 64% preferred it while in 2008 it was only 8%.

There are users who also prefer tablets for communication and they account to about 6%. The survey was conducted over 9600 people in 31 countries.

The mobile phone industry is actually booming but it does not mean that they are used only for phone conversations. The mobile phones have become smart and they have lots of activities embedded in them like games, social networking, videos and more and so their use it segregated into different sectors.

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