Mechanism to handle offensive content

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Mechanism to handle offensive content

Blocking the websites that carry the offensive content is not a solution for it and there has to be some other regulatory mechanism in order to remove the illicit material from the web, claims an expert in cyber security.

Ankit Fadia, an expert in computer security says that there are faults with the idea of blocking certain websites in governments, offices, colleges and schools. These places usually block the social networking sites but rather than simply blocking, a new regulatory mechanism has to be followed to obtain better results.

The banning or the blocking of these websites will not be a proper solution and it is a departure from the democracy and will silence the free speech completely. There has to be middle ground mechanism that can remove the offensive content without blocking the access to the sites, he added.

The social networking sites have lot of positive impacts and pin pointed the advantages of them during the Japan earthquake and the Anna Hazare's anti-corruption campaign as they helped these in a great way. Some of them were huge gateways for information and news and the reason is that the famous personalities use these sites to express their thoughts.

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