10 Tips to take your Twitter Account to the Next Level!

    Twitter is a powerful social media tool and with millions of active users, it has gained a lot of importance in the social and political narrative of the global economy.

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    It is a website that a lot of us use almost daily, whether we love it or hate it. There is a certain demographic of experienced Twitter users - Twelebs or Twitter celebs. These people are professional users of the service and have a big following.

    Here are the top 10 pro tips that will help you get the extra edge in creating a decent Twitter following.


    Twitter works on a real-time basis and followers can't necessarily see your tweets on their newsfeed, albeit they check your timeline regularly. To increase viewership and engagement, keep rehashing or retweeting your tweets that have been popular in the past.


    Twitter allows for adding upto 4 photos at a time, to a single tweet. Use this feature to its fullest, because as they say a photo is worth a thousand words. As is with most other social media channels, surveys show that images tend to be shared more than text tweets.


    While there are some third-party tools to help you check when your followers are online, you can easily estimate that by judging the interaction with your tweets at several time intervals. Research about the best time to be active on Twitter and try and tweet out, even if you have a limited period of time available.


    The most illogical step of getting better audience interaction is by judging the individuals who are most active with your content. Tools like Social Rank help you make this decision by making a note of who engages with your content the most.

    You can then easily sort out followers and decide to keep in personal touch with them.



    Twitter supports a lot of keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity and get you to solutions, faster. A lot of professionals may tend to forget these shortcuts, but they turn out to be quite effective in the long run.

    We have listed below the exhaustive list of shortcuts for Twitter. You can just click on the ‘?' key in Twitter anytime to access the list.


    If you have used Twitter, you have ended up following a lot of accounts that now post junk or unnecessary information. Unfollowing each account separately is a gruesome task and there are, thankfully, some tools to help you sort out the lists. The Crowdfire app does the trick quite well allowing you to quickly see all the accounts that fit a certain criteria and letting you decide what to do with them.


    Hashtags or trends are a feature on Twitter that help you judge the most talked about topics on the social media service. Small differences or typos in hashtags can matter because they generally act as clickable keywords for users to search about the specific topics.


    While everyone may be familiar with the ordinary search feature in Twitter, a lot less know about the Advanced Search. What it generally does is that it offers a wide variety of filters to specify the keyword or trend that you are researching about. It uses options like location, dates and accounts to trickle down to the target.


    If you are planning to increases engagement on your posts, try tagging those user accounts onto the images you posts as tweets. There is a limit of 10 people per photo, so you can easily tag upto 40 people in a single tweet. Now, that's a good number for improved engagement!


    Twitter Cards is a recently launched feature from Twitter that makes it easy for the user to submit their personal information. These cards are great for posting ads as they automate most of the work of the advertiser.


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