Apple AR Headset Confirmed With iOS 15.4; New Device In Offing?


Apple's aspirations for an augmented reality/virtual reality headset are expected to arrive this year. Following a flurry of rumors and leaks, Apple has finally confirmed that its AR/VR headset will be released in the near future, if not sooner.

Apple AR Headset Confirmed With iOS 15.4; New Device In Offing?

Internal elements in the latest beta version of the iPhone software will support augmented and virtual realities. It also reveals that Apple is working on bringing web app push alerts to iOS.

Toggles Modifications In The iOS 15.4

Developer Maximiliano Firtman has noticed two significant modifications in the iOS 15.4 beta software. One is a combination of "Built-in Web Notifications" and "Push API" toggles, while the other is Apple's inclusion of the WebXR API in the software.

The first will be used on websites for augmented and virtual reality, but this feature is blocked because Apple's iOS does not currently support AR/VR headsets. However, it does show that Apple is working on a headset and that it might be released soon.

Apple has decided to block this feature in the future iOS versions, and no third-party headset will be able to use it to set up the iPhone's technology.

WebXR API In The Software

The second function is something that Apple should have included a long time ago. Push notifications for web apps, which were previously only available on Android PWA (progressive web apps), have now arrived on the iPhone. While Safari on macOS has always supported website alerts when they are running in the background, iOS has never had such a capability. However, iOS 15.4 suggests that Apple is working on it.

According to 9to5Mac, the two toggles within the WebKit Experimental features of Safari are currently unavailable. In any instance, there's a good chance that online apps will be updated shortly.


Developers will no longer have to do any extra effort when it comes to assigning web app icons to iOS devices. Because the Web App Manifest for iOS does not permit the declaration of icons, developers have had to add particular codes to give their web app an app icon for the past four years. With the next iPhone update, Apple will add support for universal custom icons.

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