How to send and receive SMS using DeskSMS application

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Being at your workplace doing a hectic job and suddenly you received a message in your android device which make you turn your head and check the sender of the message. Frustrating right? Since it’s a valuable time that has to be wasted for checking the message and replying to it at the time you are busy with something that needs precise attention. DeskSMS app in many ways seems to be the perfect solution.

DeskSMS app is one of the best tools that are available in the Android Market. The tool comes with a wide range of uses that includes;

  • Send and receive SMS from your computer from the website

  • Send and receive SMS via Gmail account

  • Send and receive SMS via Google Talk Account


How to send and receive SMS using DeskSMS application


  • Log on to the Android Market

  • Download DeskSMS application

  • Install DeskSMS application

  • Run DeskSMS application

  • DeskSMS app will ask the users to provide details on their Google Account Authentication

  • The app wont access passwords or any personal data

  • Select the Google account that the users wish to get connected with DeskSMS app

  • The text messages will be received in the corresponding e-mail address of the Gmail account that the users have selected

  • Another screen will pop up which will ask the users to opt for the services they wish to connect with a DeskSMS app that includes Gmail, Google Talk as well as ‘Browser and Extensions’

  • Check mark the box that is placed corresponding to the services that you wish to connect with DeskSMS application

  • Installation is completed

Sending and Receiving SMS

  • Go to

  • Log in using the e-mail address

  • Now the users can send and receive messages and also there are several sub-links which enables the users to call contacts as well as text and delete the conversations

SMS through Gmail

This can be considered as one of the most user-friendly features that DeskSMS app makes use of in the computer. In this feature, users can receive and reply to text messages from their Gmail account itself.

The procedure of replying is quite simple as that of replying via an e-mail. The only steps that the users will have to do is to click the enter button a few times in order to make sure that the messages have gone properly.

Thus by making use of this wonderful app, users can now send SMS from their web browser as well as by means of desktop chat client that is connected to the users Google Talk Account. It is for sure that trying out DeskSMS application will help reduce the stress and time taken in messaging from any other device, while working on a computer.

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