Top 5 reasons why you need to go for Windows 8 this season

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Top 5 reasons why you need to go for Windows 8 this season

Microsoft's much hyped & much anticipated Windows 8 operating system is all set to be launched soon. According to experts. Windows 8 is a must buy as it not only offers you never before seen functionality but also a user-friendly interface which when used makes your computing easier & smarter. Here we provide you 5 reasons as to why you have to be using a Windows 8 this season. The reasons are as follows:

1) Picture Passwords: The generation of textual passwords is over. Windows 8 provides a better authentication mechanism which works on the basis of your pictures & gestures. The gesture includes tapping on a certain point, drawing a line between two points, encircling a certain area etc. Windows 8 also recognizes these gestures when they are incorporated on a picture(image). Thus to log into Windows 8 you would be required to provide a graphical authentication mechanism with a combination of any of the above mentioned gestures.

2 ) Windows 8 on the go: You can carry the entire Windows 8 operating system with you wherever you go. You can run Windows 8 applications through flash drives, pen drives or through external hard-drives anywhere. Thus you can mobilize the operating system easily & efficiently.

3) Refresh & Reset option: These options allow you to run multiple applications without slowing down the operating system speed or without you having to format & reinstall Windows 8. Windows can even be refreshed to a customized state as well.

4) Automatic Updates installed without requiring a restart: Through this, the latest Windows updates are installed automatically without you having to restart every time an update is installed. This saves you time & eliminates the stress on the processor.

5) Log In through the Windows 8 Live ID: Through the Windows 8 Live ID you can get access to the various Microsoft cloud services. This includes Hotmail for E-Mail, Live chat messenger etc. When you create a Windows 8 Live ID you get first hand access to various other Microsoft services including e-books & free download of the latest apps.

Thus, all these above features are enough to prove that Microsoft Windows 8 is the in-thing this season. So stop thinking & get your copy of Windows 8 as soon as it is released.

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