How to work with Pages app on iPad?

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Pages App in iPad was released by Apple as a similar application to the Microsoft Word. It almost does the same functionality as that of Microsoft Word. This app is quite user-friendly. Content rich documents can be created by the users in both ‘Portrait’ as well as ‘Landscape Mode’. You can also create documents by either opening up a blank page or you can also open it with editable templates.

The Pages app for iPad comes with rich templates and other tools necessary to create and edit documents with ease.

How to work with Pages app on iPad?


  • Letter

  • Resume

  • Project Proposal

  • Poster

  • Visual Report

  • Thank You Card

  • Invitation

  • Flyer

  • Recipe etc

Tool Bar

Tool Bar allows the users to perform several functions such as;

  • Choosing the font type

  • Font Size selection

  • Text Alignment

  • You can also do formatting of the text as ‘Bold’, ‘Italic’ as well as ‘Underline’

  • Undo functionality

  • Redo functionality

How to work with Pages app on iPad?


This tool is located at the top right hand corner of the screen, with this tool you can change following

  • Style

  • Add Bullets as well as numbered lists

  • Line Space

  • Columns

There is also a dictionary tool which brings up an option called ‘Define’. This tool will bring up the definition of the word once that particular word is highlighted. The documents as well as files in the Pages app will be automatically saved which eliminates risk of losing the files in case power failure occurs or iPad hangs up.

Users will also be able to change the whole paragraph style by means of triple clicking of the paragraph which selects the whole paragraph. Images as well as graphs can also be added quickly by means of tapping the ‘+’ button located on the top right of the screen. You can easily drag the content or images for resizing purposes. While dragging, i was really excited to see a small block which appears thereby denoting the size as well as dimensions which makes it quite easy for me to achieve the required width and dimensions that i needed for the image.

How to work with Pages app on iPad?

The pictures can be easily rotated in your iPad with pages app by just holding two fingers on the image and then rotating the fingers. A range of templates are also provided for adding the frames as well as borders of your wish.

Document Set-up tool

  • Document margins can be easily adjusted

  • Headers, footers as well as page numbers can also be added

The word count as well as spell checker can be managed by making use of the Settings tool. Lengthy documents can also be easily managed with a navigation tool that is present in the pages app for iPad. Users are also able to organize the documents through simple drag and drop means with the help of using the ‘Document View Panel’.

Another interesting feature is that the documents can be easily stored in iCloud so that they can be accessed from iOS devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The contents can be loaded via iTunes. The documents can be even uploaded in iWork which can be shared as well as downloaded by others if required. The documents that have been completed can be sent as an e-mail in Pages, PDF and can be even printed across the wireless printers.

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