10 Reasons That This Known Rs. 800 Phone Is Better Than Your Expensive Smartphone

    Before the advent of the iPhone in 2007, it was Nokia that dominated the mobile phone market across the world. Especially, feature phones such as the Nokia 1100 was used by most people.

    10 Reasons That This Rs. 800 Phone Is Better Than Your Smartphone

    The low price tag, the compact size and the rugged build won many hearts. In India, we can see many people using this phone even now despite the smartphone rage.

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    However, with the arrival of the smartphones, Nokia has vanished from people's mind. Today, hardly people use the Nokia 1100 or any other feature phone for that matter. Notably, even now select stores sell this phone.

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    Below, we have come up with a slider showing why the legendary mobile phone is better than the smartphones that exist these days. Take a look at the reasons from here.

    You don't have to shell out your month's salary to get this phone

    This phone is available for a price of around Rs. 800. It is so cheap that you need not shell our your entire month's salary to purchase it. You can grab hold of it easily at a lesser cost.

    You won't regret over losing it accidentally

    Losing your smartphone is a bad experience as you will be having loads of data saved in it and the cost of the phone is high. But, you won't regret much over losing your Nokia 1100 as it is neither too expensive nor you have loads of vital data stored in it.

    It won't break even if you throw it

    The Nokia 1100 has its strength. You can throw it or drop it any number of times, but you will be surprised to see that there are no effects on it. However, the current generation smartphones will break and it will be expensive to repair them as well.

    Nokia 1100 has a powerful torchlight

    The torchlight on the Nokia 1100 is one of the USPs of the phone. It is too strong that it can brighten the entire room in your home. Of course, the smartphones also come with the flashlight feature, but the battery will become weak on using the same.

    There's no need to worry about the battery life

    The Nokia 1100 need not be charged frequently. The phone has a strong battery life that it can be used for many days at a stretch without needing a recharge. Being a smartphone user, you will know how frequently you would have charged your phone.

    Typing is too simple!

    The keypad in the Nokia 1100 is a simple and easy to use one. But, there are chances for you to type wrong in smartphones as the keyboard is the same is too elaborate.

    The convenient Speed Dial feature

    Nokia has the speed dial feature that lets you dial a call with just a long press on the assigned number. You need not go to the Contacts menu to make a call.

    There's no hanging issue

    If you have used the Nokia 1100, you would have not known about your phone getting hung as it is a rare thing. Even if it happens, you can just resolve it by turning the phone off and restarting it again.

    No need to remember a password

    The method to lock and unlock the phone was very simple. You needn't remember any password or PIN to gain access to the phone.

    You can find a charger anywhere you go

    If you can remember, everyone had a Nokia charger back then. So, you did not have to run around looking for a charge to power your phone.

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