Should You Buy A New Smartphone During COVID-19 Lockdown?


People across the globe are suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic and most of the businesses have come to a halt. One of the sectors that have taken a major hit due to COVID-19 is the smartphone industry. However, after the lockdown relaxation in some parts, smartphones are finally back in the market, and should you buy one?

Should You Buy A New Smartphone During COVID-19 Lockdown?

Smartphones were considered as a non-essential commodity by the Government of India and the sale of phones was prohibited in both online and offline space. In fact, most of the OEMs even stopped manufacturing/assembling new devices. With lockdown 3.0 in place, one can finally buy a new smartphone via online and offline stores.

Tough Question To Answer

In one way, smartphones are essential, and a house needs to have at least one device. Phones are no more just calling devices. They are like a Swiss army tool that supports internet access, comes with a camera and a flashlight, offers a big screen for entertainment, and are also personal music players.

If you have a phone and it is not working properly or recently got damaged, then you should get a new device as connecting with the world is the most important thing to do while staying inside a house. If you ever owned a phone, then this is the best time to get your first device, and know about the things that you were missing on.

A smartphone will let you connect with your family located in a different city using video calling features. Thanks to affordable internet plans, one can now make a video call and it will be cheaper than a voice call and it works even for international contacts.

If you already have a phone that works well and you have an urge to upgrade to the latest model, then I suggest you wait for a few more weeks. As of now, there is no clarity on when this lockdown would get over, and having a little more cash in hand is a good thing. New phones won't go and there will be better models coming in the future for sure.

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