Samsung Galaxy S3 Stress Test Demos Smartphone King's Strength [VIDEO]

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Stress Test Demos Smartphone King's Strength [VIDEO]

Can you imagine someone sitting down hard on your phone? Or your phone falling in water. Or any of the zillion other scenarios like this that could put your phone under jeopardy. Samsung seems to have thought of it hard and actually put Galaxy S3 through the drill. The device was subjected to a lot of rounds of stress, proving that it is durable under many damaging situations. 

In a You Tube video released in Korean language, Samsung Galaxy S3 is shown subjected to many scenarios that would otherwise be damaging to any other phone. But the Samsung phone comes out unscathed. There are scenes which show the phone being sat on, sprayed with water and screen beings pressed hard and around 200,000 button clicks. There is also a test shown to prove that the phone is absolutely scratch proof. 

Samsung seems to have gone overboard in being adventurous picturing even unlikely scenarios. For instance, there is a scene which shows the phone being in very soapy water mixing with a lot of irregularly shaped plastic pieces. In spite of the unlikelihood of such an event, the user can rest in peace knowing that their device can take it all. 

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The device passed through all these tests efficiently which might just make all Samsung users a little less worried about leaving their phones on the couch or on the bed. So much for worrying that you slept off on top of your phone. But throwing the phone into the washer might just have to take the back-seat for a while. 

Source: Mashable

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