Timeshop: Check out what you did the same day last year

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Timeshop: Check out what you did the same day last year

How nice it would be if someone reminds you of the moments that happened in your life? As per the quote, 'Memories are to cherish', there is a new feature on the internet to help you with this. Memories might be cheerful or sad ones but still all of us like to cherish them.

Nowadays, the social networks like Facebook and Twitter are allowing us to capture our memories. They record what we do everyday and create memories as the time passes.

Timeshop, a new web service helps you to know what you did on the same day last year. This sounds like a social time machine and like a playback app for life. The Timeshop can connect to your social networking accounts like Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It reveals what they had posted on the same date the previous year. It will send reminder emails of your memories to your inbox.

The past can help you in many aspects like checking on a resolution that you took, revisiting a place where you haven’t been for long, rediscovering a precious moment in your life and so on. You can sign up to this feature using your Facebook account and it will integrate the features. There are no additional settings for you to configure and it does not involve any personal details as it takes all from the account if it wants. The Timeshop is as simple as it is.

Benefits of Timeshop

It is quite interesting and seems to be a digital diary of memories. It records the memories and displays them after a year. You need not pen all the incidents as you already do so on the social networks. The other important benefit is that it can integrate all the above mentioned social accounts and put in all the activities in one platform.

The email reminder that it sends to you will be a daily digest on your past life. You might think that already the Facebook Timeline feature does something similar to this and what is the use of this separate service. But Timeshop has four networks rather than only Facebook. What are you waiting for? Sign up with this service and get back to your past life.

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