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The Google Chromebook is Google's own version of Laptop that runs on Google Chrome OS. Unlike Windows Laptops, the Google Chrome Laptops use a lot of data and is typically an "Internet Laptop". While there certainly is internal storage, most of the Storage happens on Google Drive. Google Chromebooks are available from HP, Acer and other brands. Unlike the layout of the Windows Keyboard, the keyboard on the Chromebook is different.

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Do You own a Chromebook? Ever tried one? Similar to Windows Shortcuts, the Google Chromebook too has its own shortcuts unqiue to its own Chromebook Keyboard.Let's look at top 10 shortcuts using the Chrome book. These Chromebook shortcuts should make it easier to do things.

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Grab a Screenshot


Grab a Screen shot with this shortcut. 

Use Ctrl + Switcher Key

Open File Manager


Open the file manager with this shortcut.

Alt + shift + m 

Open Task Manager


A rogue extention could be slowing down the chromebook. Just use this extension to straighten this extension. 

Shift  + esc

Launch Shelf apps


Use this shortcut to launch the shelf and help you open your favourite apps. 

Alt + 1 + 8

Just Lock the Screen


Lock your screen just some body is very curious to know what you have been doing.

Ctrl + Shift  +L 



You can start the hotdog menu.

Alt + e

For Caps Lock


The lack of Caps Lock keys on Chrome can make it a little difficult. There is still a way you can type in Captial letters. 

alt + Search 



You can log out of your Chrome with this Simple step.

ctrl + shift + q

Beam your Screen


The Mirror Monitor Shortcut is cool for those who want to turn their TV into a Chromebook Screen. 


Keyboard Shortcuts


This Keyboard Shortcut will help you to reveal all the other shortcuts. 

Ctrl + Alt + ?

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