10 Hidden Facebook Tricks to Use the App Like a Pro!

By Ankit

    If you are using an Android device, or any smartphone for that matter, chances are that Facebook is one of the most used applications every day. With most people being addicted to the app, surely you need some help getting around with all its technicalities.

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    We have curated a list of the top 10 hidden tricks for the Facebook mobile application. Read on to find out how to make the most out of the Facebook app through these simple tips.


    Facebook has always had a filter in their messenger to notify you of only the important messages, hiding out all the unwanted ones.

    Head to the messenger on the Facebook website, then click Message Requests > See Filtered Requests. You'll suddenly see all the messages Facebook decided you shouldn't see. A lot of important messages get sucked into this black hole, so it's worth checking occasionally.


    With the introduction of Instant articles and auto-play content, profiles and pages on Facebook are posting more content that ever. With an average friend count of 500-600, it isn't quite easy to scroll through each and every piece of content at a time.

    For the sake of managing this, just click on the arrow on the top right of the link or video post, and select the ‘Save Video/Link' option. This will then be saved under the Apps tab on the app.


    This is probably one of the coolest tricks on Facebook ever. You can actually order an Uber cab from the messenger app.

    You just need to connect your Uber account and send a car emoji to the chatbot from Uber. It shows you the estimated time and rates, wow.


    All of us have certain annoying people in our friend list that generally post numerous updates every day, mostly about nothing substantial. Such people are a pain to the eyes as well as to the mobile data.

    Although blocking or reporting them might not be an option, you can certainly unfollow their posts so that they don't appear on your timeline at least. Just go to their profile, click on the Following tab and select the Unfollow option.



    If you created a Facebook account for your business in the hatching days of the website, you probably didn't get yourself a page, but a profile. It's actually quite simple to switch on to a page. Just follow the Page Migration steps and you are done.




    A lot of us have a limited group of people that we interact with on Facebook, almost every day. Ranging from office colleagues to long distance friends, these people are the most frequented visitors on your messenger.

    You can go to the Edit option, by sliding across to the Chat bar in the app. From there, select the top people that you chat with so that you can save the hassle of scrolling through the whole list each time you are looking to chat up with them.


    With the integration of Google Maps and the Facebook app, you can now access and locate all the famous venues around the area you are in, provided the place has a Facebook page with an address.

    Clicking on the Nearby Places tab in the app will take you to a map that points out all the mentioned locations with their exact coordinates. It is a brilliant and nifty way of finding out about restaurants, bars, movie theaters and shops if you are in an unfamiliar town or city.


    Facebook's answer to rivals like Snapchat and Periscope is their native live video feature. It has recently been rolled out to all accounts in the world and is a great way for users to broadcast casual stuff to their friends and followers.

    Facebook even lets you add emotive responses and comments to the post, and future viewers can follow the activity as it went down anytime.


    After the fairly recent separation of Facebook and Messenger apps, the chat heads that pop up randomly seem out of the place and also might lead to security threats.

    You can now disable these chat heads so that the messages are only accessed in the Messenger app. Just go to the Settings tab of the Messenger app and unselect the option of Chat Heads. Along with saving your information and patience, it also saves some good ol' battery life on your smartphone.


    A big aspect of Android over other operating systems is its ability to multitask and join together actions of various apps.

    For example, if you are reading a great article on your Chrome browser and want to share it on Facebook for your friends to read, you can simply tap the Share button and Facebook will be one of the options to choose from.

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