Samsung, Apple Under Threat from Asia: Top 5 Asian Smartphone Makers Climbing The Ladder

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If the word "domination" has any kind of a substantial meaning, nobody understands it better than the likes of Samsung and Apple. Of course, we are dealing with the smartphone market that's such a big monster in recent times.

Samsung and Apple, each year, boast most of the sales in the smartphone market. in fact, each of them boast such big business quarters that it could have easily combined a host of new smartphone makers in the list.

Samsung, Apple Under Threat: Top 5 Challenging Asian Smartphone Makers

Samsung is currently the world's (and Asia's) top smartphone maker. However, there are a number of rival phone-makers out there that are aiming to dethrone the likes of Samsung and Apple from the front-row seat.

Asia is a big playground for almost all of the handset makers. And hence you get to see so many new and coming smartphone makers appearing with their own respective handsets. But how long do you think this domination will last?

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Well, with the current generation of smartphone heading thick and fast, it's only a matter of time before one of them is declared the new king of the region. But which are the ones that are posing a major threat to these biggies?

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We take a look at the top 5 Asian smartphone makers that could spell doom for both Samsung and Apple.

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Top Asian Smartphone Makers: Micromax (India)

Micromax has been one of those names that you see regularly around you. In fact, the maker has been one of the top notch names out of India in recent times. Micromax had even started its overseas expansion late last year by entering Russian and Romanian markets which might have a similar kind of potential. And with devices such as Micromax Canvas Knight, we see the company going a long way.

The Micromax Phones Specifications

Top Asian Smartphone Makers: Karbonn (India)

If Micromax is leading the race among the Indian smartphone makers in the market, Karbonn isn't really far behind. The company, in fact, made up 10 percent of smartphone shipments in India at the end of 2013. And although it still has a long way to go, we only see good things for it.

The Karbonn Phones Specifications

Top Asian Smartphone Makers: Oppo (China)

Oppo has made a reputation for itself in its native country. Now it sees India as probable playing ground that's full of potential. Oppo may have already got a few Hollywood faces under its belt via advertising , but it still is struggling. However, 2014 could be a big year for it, provided it comes with devices such as Oppo Find 7.

The Oppo Phones Specifications

Top Asian Smartphone Makers: Xiaomi (China)

Xiaomi may have recently entered the Indian handset market, but none can deny the fact that it's more than ready to compete against the big names not only in this market, but all over Asia. And although we aren't sure about the future, but a slight cue can be taken from the fact that it has already outsold Apple in China. That's big news.

The Xiaomi Phones Specifications

Top Asian Smartphone Makers: Xolo (India)

Xolo may not be as big a deal as its other counterparts in the market like Micromax and Karbonn, but it still packs a punch as far as a probable competition in the market is concerned. But before it can challenge others, it needs to grow bigger and more powerful with dedicated handsets. The Q3000 could be an example.

The Xolo Phones Specifications

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