YouTube's new website for school kids

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YouTube's new website for school kids

YouTube, the popular video sharing website has now launched a new website known as YouTube for schools which will have only those videos that have educational content in them. YouTube is actually an engaging tool in terms of education but when the kids are given the access to the website, they might land up in watching some other content that is not intended for their age.

In order to resolve this issue and to eliminate the distraction in the kids, the new education oriented website has been launched now. The YouTube for schools website, will block the videos that are not related to education and allow only the ones that are educational.

This website lets the teachers to restrict and customize the content that their students can watch. They can select the education related videos from the YouTube website known as YouTube education. The new website has over 4.5 lakh videos related to education. When all these videos are transferred to the YouTube for school site, there will be no option for comments and related videos.

Many schools have moved to smart classes and they integrate technology to their curriculum. For instance, a school in Mumbai has insisted all the students to get iPads. YouTube access in classes and libraries of most schools is restricted as they fear that the kids will land in watching some offensive content.

Thanks to the new YouTube for schools site as it will revolutionize the conventional manner of teaching in schools.

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