Facebook Messages New Two-Column Layout: A Guide to the Keyboard Shortcuts

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Facebook Messages New Two-Column Layout: A Guide to the Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook, the world's most popular social network with over 955 million active users on board has recently introduced a new look to its Facebook Messages and has also updated the features.

While in the previous single column view, users had to open another link to view the conversations in detail, however now, with the new two-column layout, users can view everything side-by-side and also cansearch for a sender's name from the main view of the messages.

Facebook announced the new messaging update on its Newsroom page stating, “The new side-by-side layout lets you click your most recent message on the left to see the whole conversation on the right. You can also bring conversations to life with multiple photos and emoticons.”

What Are the Keyboard Shortcuts?

With the new layout of Facebook Messages, users can experience easy navigation, as there are keyboard shortcuts. The complete list of shortcuts can be seen by pressing Alt + Q on PC and Control + Q on Mac.

Search and Help

Alt + Q: Show/hide keyboard shortcuts

Alt + G: Search conversations


Alt + Delete: Archive.unarchive conversation

Alt + R: Mark message as read/unread


Alt + C: New Message

Alt + I: Go to Inbox

Alt + U: Go to Other

The new layout of Facebook Messages will be gradually rolled out to all the users across the world.

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