JBL Reflect Eternal Headphones Uses Solar Panels For Unlimited Battery Life


The users of wireless headphones are usually bedeviled by their battery life as these last only a few hours on a single charge. And, not many brands have come up with an actual solution to this issue. This is where JBL is trying to make a difference with its new product.

JBL Reflect Eternal Headphones Uses Solar Panels

JBL is crowdfunding a new pair of headphones that assures unlimited battery life. Well, you read it right! This pair of headphones dubbed JBL Reflect Eternal uses solar panels to keep the accessory charged constantly.

JBL Reflect Eternal looks like a regular pair of wireless headphones but it it fitted with a solar panel made by the Swedish company Exeger. It is designed to convert any sort of ambient light into electricity. The headphones can self-recharge automatically as long as there is sufficient light irrespective of being inside or outside.

JBL Reflect Eternal Solar Support

While the JBL Reflect Eternal with solar panels is idle for the active lifestyle providing continuous charge without any interruption, it is claimed to last for up to 24 hours without the solar charge. The company adds that if you charge it for up to 2.5 hours by exposing it to sunlight, then it will be charged indefinitely.

It is an on-ear headphones with Bluetooth connectivity. The LED indicator will show the remaining battery life so that you can charge the headphones. Though there is no active noise cancellation, it has the ability to sync the smartphone to ensure hands-free experience and voice assistant support.

Available On Crowdfunding

The JBL Reflect Eternal will be available via a crowdfunding campaign that will run till January14, 2020. And, the goal will be to ship the product from October 2020 in select markets. As of now, the pre-orders will be priced at $99 and $129 instead of the final pricing of $165.


Though the company claims that the solar panel fitted JBL headphones can resolve battery life concerns and deliver long-lasting performance, it remains to be seen how this functionality with work in real-life. As of now, with the crowdfunding campaign, the company will be able to get feedback from users.

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