Duolingo Introduced in India: Offering English Modules for Hindi Audience

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Here's some great news for all those looking to brush up on their English while keeping connected to their roots. According to reports, Duolingo, the popular learning app, has been launched in India with a brand new update that will now bring localized content to the app.

The app already boasts about 1.5 lakh Indians learning various languages including Spanish, French and German. However, from here onwards, it will help Hindi speakers learn English.

Duolingo Now Offering English Modules for Hindi Audience

In order to bring the translated content over to users, the company claims that it does not employ translators or experts, but is completely crowd-sourced. It also says that it sometimes gets requests to learn meme-based Internet languages as well.

"We expect a relatively high adoption (rate) in India. However it's a completely new market for us and nobody at Duolingo speaks Hindi. As such we will work with our users and contributors to help make the course better, day by day," Von Ahn, CEO of Duolingo told IBTimes.


"We also don't do any paid advertising, so the only way we will become popular is if people like the platform so much they tell their friends. This has been the case in other places, and how we reached 28 million users, and we hope it is the case in India as well."

As of now, Duolingo's biggest markets are Europe and Latin America, although India too has a mentionable user base. Last year, the company had reportedly partnered with CNN and BuzzFeed to use its translations.


Android and iOS users now can download Duolingo from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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