Nintendo Wii U Hits US Market Retail Shelves, India Will Have to Wait

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Nintendo Wii U Hits US Market Retail Shelves, India Will Have to Wait

Nintendo has finally released its much awaited next generation console Wii U – the successor of Nintendo Wii in the US market. As per the initial previews and expert comments, this new console can potentially transform the gaming industry and experience. Reggie Fils-Aime, President, Nintendo America unveiled the new gaming device in front of a huge crowd in New York City. 

Reportedly, the company sources have informed that the device had a last minute firmware update bringing in features like Miiverse, Nintendo’s Social Avatar and eShop along with the internet browser compatibility. 

The firmware update will also allow backward compatibility with Wii U, which means that users can now enjoy older games on this console, as well. Nintendo Wii U has a Netflix streaming app installed in it. 

However, the release of much awaited ‘TVii’ feature also known as the second screen Smart TV Space is being postponed till next month. Reports also claim that the new TVii feature won’t be made available to the users outside US initially. This could dissatisfy many users who were expecting to enjoy this dual screen gaming experience on TV and the Game pad screen. 

The other apps or features included as part of this console release include Hulu Plus, YouTube and Amazon’s Instant Video Player. 

The company however seems to be struggling to meet the market demand of Wii U as online sales of this console from retail majors such as GameStop and Amazon has already halted. eBay however is making huge profits for the Deluxe version of the console. 

eBay is currently selling the product at a premium price tag of $550 (Rs.27,000) over the actual price of $349.99 (Rs.17,000) because of the huge demand of the product. Customers in Japan and Europe will have to wait for a while since the company has announced that the device will be made available later this month to Japan and Europe. 

Regarding availability in India, Nintendo Wii is available in the market at a price of approximately Rs 16,000. However, the price and release date of Nintendo Wii U has still not been confirmed by the manufactures, hence Indian fans will have to wait a little more to get their hands on the next generation gaming console.

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