How to compress PDF files?

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Users often face embarrassing situations in which they will have to e-mail a PDF to their close friends and getting disappointed only to know that it was either encountered by an error or you will receive with an e-mail claiming that the message was not delivered! One common issue is the size of the pdf file.


Sometimes mail servers are programmed to block mail attachments beyond some size. Here the only solution is that the PDF files has to be compressed and then has to be sent.


How to compress PDF files?


PDF is mainly Portable Document Format that mainly deals with representation of documents in an independent manner. PDF Files was designed and developed by Adobe Systems. Compression is defined as the data size reduction in order to reduce the transmission time.


As far as PDF files are concerned, compression mainly deals with image compressing taking in to consideration the fact that PDF Files are especially designed in order to compress the data as much as possible.



The following steps have to be followed in order to compress the PDF Files:

  • Choose the PDF Files that the users wish to compress

  • Open the files with Preview Application

  • Select the ‘File’ option from the top of the screen

  • Users will have to click the ‘Print’ button after that

  • Another option is to press simultaneously and hold the Command key as well as ‘P’ key for a short while until the ‘drop down menu’ appears

  • On the left hand bottom corner of the drop down menu, users can see the PDF button that is denoted by a small arrow beside it

  • Press the button

  • At the bottom of the PDF button, A new Drop Down Menu will appear

  • Click ‘Compress PDF’ tab from the drop down menu

  • The process of compression taking place will be represented to the users by means of a separate window

  • Users can now see a Save window being popped up

  • Choose ‘Save As’ and on the right side, users can see a box

  • Type the file name of your choice

  • Choose the location where the file has to be saved that may include any folder or in the desktop screen itself

  • On the right hand side of the window in the bottom side, users can see the Save button

  • Click the Save button



The PDF files have been compressed and now the users can send the compressed files to their friends or colleagues and this time it is for sure that the files will be sent successfully without any errors.


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