Paradigm Shift 100 CT Cinema Speakers

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Paradigm Shift 100 CT Cinema Speakers
Latest value based speakers launched by paradigm shift known as 100 CT Cinema speakers is all set to rock your drawing room by creating a cinema theater atmosphere. The 100 CT Cinema speakers is not just like any other regular home theater system. The company also released two other home theater systems along with 100 CT Cinema speakers, named 200 CT Cinema speakers and 400 CT Cinema speakers.

Taking about the latest paradigm shift 100 CT Cinema speakers, it has superior audio performance that will leverage the users music listening. You can enjoy the same effects and sound clarity that you can enjoy in any cinema theater with 100 CT Cinema speakers in your house. You can place the speakers anywhere at your home as it is very compactable, for example you can try placing it in your book shelf or on walls along with the subwoofer which can create a very good atmosphere.

More surprisingly, the paradigm shift 100 CT Cinema speakers is well equipped to deliver crystal clarity sound even with the Blu-ray audios. You can also feel the emotions and even feeble noise such as the berating sounds of actors and actresses generated while presenting the dialogs, this is to make sure the viewer could get a perfect cinema theater atmosphere.

Well talking about the technical specifications, it has superiors S-PAL technology included in it. This technology will leverage the speaker system to reduce sound reproduction and deliver clearer ad natural sound. The especially build bass cones ensures high performance bass to be produced. The well engineered speaker system has specialty known as Ferro-Fluid cooling facility. The particular facility will help the users to keep the speakers protected from high power shocks.

Another most important technology incorporated by the users is the Wire Mesh Tweeter Guard and WaveGuide. Now, some of you might be wondering what exactly this technology is. Actually, this is a mechanism included in Cinema speakers to ensure smooth panorama of quality sound. There is also built in amplifier which has two input line option with auto controls which has the capacity to with stand power supply up to 300 watts.

Last but not the least the speakers are a perfect choice for any one who is looking to set up a cinema theater in your house. With all these specifications and features the system is available at a price in India of around Rs. 50,000. So, it is recommended not to waste any time, just locate the nearest retail, find the availability of the ultimate Cinema speakers and just pick one. It worth what you pay for.

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