Philips SHC 1300 headphone for unlimited music

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Philips SHC 1300 headphone for unlimited music

Headphones have become somewhat integral part of our life now days. No matter whether you are relaxing or doing some work and even during daily commutation, a good pair of headphone can offer you with much needed entertainment. Level of comfort is a serious factor that prompts the user to select a particular headphone over the other. So what if you want to enjoy some late night TV program or a match without having to disturb others?

A pair of wireless headsets will be the perfect choice in such a situation. Philips has come with exactly the same device and they have termed it Philips SHC 1300.

These are over the ear the ear head phones and packs in very good sound quality.

Features and specifications of Philips SHC 1300:

  • Full size over the ear headphone

  • Very comfortable and snug fit

  • Very light weight

  • Range of about 7 meters

  • RF transmission link that offers distortion free sound

  • Powered by two AAA batteries

  • Integrated controls in the ear cup

  • Supreme sound quality

  • Portable

The headphone has very large ear cups that sit comfortably over your ears. The device being very light will let you use it for prolonged periods of time without feeling even a bit of discomfort. The padding in the ear cups as well as the head band is also very soft and comfortable. The headphone can be easily folded up allowing you to take it in your trips or to just tuck it away for storage.

It is very easy to set up the whole device. The transmitter has to be connected to the audio out of the TV. It is powered from a wall socket by a 12 volt DC adapter. After setting this up insert the two AAA batteries in to the headphone and just turn on the device. You are good to go. The audio reception is very good and even if you walk around the room wearing the headphones the sound won’t be distorted. The sound output from the gadget is pretty powerful and offers crisp and clear audio. One notable thing while using the headphone is the amount of sound that is leaking out through the sides. Other than that this is a very good headphone in this price range.

Philips SHC 1300 comes with a price tag of about Rs.2000/- in India. This is a very reasonable price for such a good quality wireless headset.

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