Nokia J Bluetooth Headset

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Nokia J Bluetooth Headset
Style, innovation and convenience come together in one of Nokia's celebrated headset models. The Nokia BH-806 Bluetooth headset has won the RedDot Design award, the CES Design and Engineering Innovations award and the iFdesign award since its launch in September 2012. Also known as Nokia J headset, the BH-806 headsets set new benchmarks in safety, features, comfort, style and compactness.

Nokia J is made of stainless steel and the advantage here is that there is no nickel plating that has been known to cause allergies for some people. With a weight of only 8g, Nokia J headphones are light and won't give you the feeling of having something placed in your ear. Though Nokia J headset won't replace the experience of music headphone (which isn't expected anyway), it's great for mobile phone users to make or receive calls and select the various menu options with their hands free most of the time.

Nokia J is easy to use. When your phone is paired to your Nokia J Bluetooth headphones, or is in pairing mode, you'll get the indicator light. The multifunction key enables users to accept or end calls, to transfer a call or to switch the handset on or off.

To use Nokia J headset, first you need to pair it with your cell phone. The headset must be turned off before you turn on your mobile's Bluetooth connectivity. Then, press and hold Nokia J's multifunction key with the earpiece attached to your ear. Then you'll hear a voice prompting you to select your language. It will then take 3 minutes or so to pair your headset. Then, look for the headset in the Bluetooth connectivity list of your mobile phone. You'll get the indication of successful pairing in your earphone.

The multifunction button is the only control you'll need to use in your Nokia J headset. Touch the button once to call or answer a call. Press it twice to reject a call. Click the button once to also redial the number just called or answered. Press the multifunctional button for two seconds to transfer the call to the phone. The volume can be adjusted automatically.

Nokia J packing comes with earpieces of different size, microUSB connector for the charger, and carrying clip. If you aren't driving, your Nokia J headset must always be kept in the carrying clip. The "Always Ready" function in Nokia J helps users answer calls by pulling the headphones from the carrying clip and fitting them to the ears.

Nokia J is available for price in India of around Rs. 7,100.

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