50 things you must know to live in this tech-centric era

Knowing few basic things will help you sometime in future


There used to be the days where computers were reserved just for scientists and researchers. Now at least everyone started using laptops, smartphones, tablets, e-book readers and other similar devices on a daily basis.

50 things you must know to live in this tech-centric era


Don't you think you should be knowing some basics of such devices which will of be useful sometime in future? Knowing how to use them will not only set you apart from others but also have become a necessity to live in the modern era.

Let us see what are those basic things one need to know to live in this tech-centric age.

1. How to make a call?

If you ever feel like speaking to someone instantly, then phone calls will come to your help. It is the simple medium used by people to communicate with their friends no matter where they are.

2. How to send an email?

Emails have emerged long back to send messages electronically from one computer to another. One can send messages to multiple people as well.

3. How to send an SMS?

3. How to send an SMS?

SMS is a short message service which is used to send a message of limited characters. This feature is supported in almost all cell phones.

4. How to recharge your phone?

Phone calls being the easiest way to communicate with your dear ones, one has to refill the currency to make calls instantly. The refill amount varies on different service providers.

5. How to shoot decent pictures using a smartphone?

If you want to save any special moments of your life, you can shoot a beautiful picture of it and make it last forever. There are various tools online which guides you in shooting classic pictures.

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6. How to copy contacts from old phone to new?

If you have bought a new phone and thinking of making calls to inform your dear ones about it, then first you have to copy all the contacts from your old handset to a new one.

7. How to use a smartphone?

How about having a handy computer which helps in performing complicated tasks quickly and easily? The smartphone does the same job by performing many functionalities of your desktop PC.

8. How to enable WiFi on your smartphone?

Are you tired of seeing a bundle of wires placed around your desktop PC? You don't have to worry about it if you are planning on buying internet connection for your home use? Wi-Fi is the best alternative which replaces all the cables and lets you use the internet wirelessly.

9. How to operate SmartTVs?

Smart TV is a combination of computer and flat screen TV which lets you watch your favorite series on a wide display by integrating internet connection in it.

10. How to use feature phones?

Feature phones are the oldest trend in mobile phone segment which comes with basic functionality but does not offer advanced facilities provided in smartphones.

11. How to use Facebook?

To connect with your friends and share some posts with them, you can make use of this old yet popular platform known as Facebook. It is a simple social media platform which lets you stay in touch with every friend you make here.

12. How to disconnect yourself from receiving calls and messages?

Are you fed up of getting calls and message notification every now and then? Have you ever thought of ditching your phone forever? Then you have to stop for a while. There are many alternatives which help you in disconnecting from receiving calls and messages only when required.

13. How to shop online?

Tired of shopping entire day? Not interested in going out on a sunny day? Then you can shop online staying at home, having your coffee without missing your favorite TV show.

14. How to pay your bills online?

If you are frustrated of standing in a long queue to pay the bill, then there is an easy way to do it without wasting your precious time. Just visit the required website and pay bills online!

15. How to use Paytm?

No money in your wallet? No ATM's nearby to withdraw any money? The best solution is to use Paytm app which lets you pay for anything online.

16. How to set-up a WiFi Router?

Wi-Fi routers are the devices which perform the functionality of both router and wireless access point. One can easily access the internet or any private computer network using it.

17. How to assemble a PC?

Planning of buying a new PC? Not satisfied with the specifications mentioned by the service providers? You don't have to worry. You can build your own custom PC based on your need.

18. How to upgrade to a smarter device?

With the technology getting evolved on a daily basis, it is recommended to upgrade yourself with latest devices available in the market. If budget is your concern, then there are quite a lot of brands which offer the same device for a different price tag.

19. How to take a screenshot on mobiles and desktops?

Not able to find save or download button on any image? Screenshots come to help during this situation. You can screenshot nothing and everything on your phone and desktop using simple commands.

20. How to download any forms online?

People prefer online forms which help in reducing paper works and saves your time. One just has to visit the required web address and fill all the necessary details.

21. How to download an app?

As people started using smartphones for each and everything, the number of apps to ease their work have also increased drastically. There are various apps available on stores which can be downloaded for free or by paying some amount.

22. How to edit images on your phone?

People always prefer to edit their picture before posting on any social media platform such as Facebook. There are various free tools available on stores which allow you to edit the images in simple steps.

23. How to sync multiple devices?

If you want to push your saved data online or to fetch data from the server, then syncing or synchronization is required to enable this feature on this device.

24. How to transfer files without using a data?

If you want to transfer few files to other device but there is no data on your phone, then you can opt for features like Bluetooth which lets you transfer the data without using the net connection.

25. How to use cloud storage?

Cloud storage is used to store your data on remote servers which can later be accessed using internet connection. It helps you when your device runs low on memory space.

26. How to figure out online scam?

There are many online scam cases which we come across regularly. It is usually done by using internet services to steal some sensitive information from the victim.

27. How to hide your photos from the gallery?

If you are pissed off by the people who are interested in your whereabouts and keeps checking your phone often, then you can go for few apps which lets you manage your photos and files in such a way that, only you will be able to access them when needed.

28. How to take care of spam emails?

Since email being the very cost effective medium to advertise your products, people normally opt for it and keeps sending such emails every now and then. You can avoid such spam emails permanently and keep your mailbox clean.

29. How to protect your saved content on devices?

If you have important contents on your device and worried about losing it, then there are many ways in which you can protect those files.

30. How to search anything on search engines?

The search engine has eased our work by providing required answer for all our questions anytime. People have become total dependent on this tool.

31. How to enable screen lock on mobiles?

To protect your device from others, the best option is to lock it using some passwords or patterns. These options are provided in almost every mobile phones available in the market now.

32. How to use the internet on mobile?

There used to be the days where people had to log in to their PC to access internet connection. After the emergence of smartphones, one can do almost all the stuff on this small device itself.

33. How to check your mobile balance?

Trying to call your dear ones, but not able to connect to them? It is better to stop and check your mobile balance for once. If it reads low balance, then recharge it with required plan before making any call.

34. How to make a skype video call?

Skype video calls have helped many people to communicate with their loved ones by seeing each other live. Without paying any penny, one can watch the other person while speaking to them.

35. How to make internet calls?

Internet calls will be of useful when you run low on mobile balance. If you are staying in a place where there is enough network, then you can use internet call feature to make a call free of cost.

36. How to send a message free of cost?

One can send messages to their friends with or without an internet connection on their phone. There are few apps and sites which lets you send those messages free of cost.

37. How to share images and videos online?

Have you come across any interesting image or video online? Did you feel like sharing it with your friends? Then you can easily do it by using few apps available online.

38. How to download paid apps from play store/app store?

Though people usually look for free apps on the store, there are few cases where they need to download some paid apps as well. It is very easy to download them by paying few bucks to the developer.

39. How to set an alarm/reminder using your mobile?

Don't want to get late for work? Don't want to miss any event? Then alarm clock app comes in handy in such situation.

40. How to change the brightness of your mobile screen?

Smartphones come with various settings where a user can change them based on their requirement. Even one can change the screen brightness to match their comforts.

41. How to protect your mobile/desktop from the virus?

The virus being the most infective agent tries to corrupt your desktop or mobile and makes it dysfunctional. You can safeguard your device from such attacks by installing a proper antivirus program.

42. How to watch and download YouTube videos?

Youtube provides interesting contents and also filters the contents required by you. One can watch as well as download them to watch later.

43. How to search job online?

Are you on the job hunt? Tired of going through job classifieds on newspaper daily? You can come online and search for various jobs at different location quickly.

44. How to use enable mobile hotspot?

Mobile hotspot is a feature found in all smartphone which lets you share your mobile's network connection with other nearby devices, so even they can access your internet connection.

45. How to use the fingerprint scanner on your phone?

To enhance the security features of your device, the smartphone manufacturers came up with fingerprint scanner options. It is a biometric system which scans your fingerprint and provides high-end security.

46. How to play music on your phone?

Music being the natural therapy to decrease your stress, you can listen to it anywhere by storing them on your mobile phone. You can use the default music player present on your phone or download another player available online.

47. How to record phone calls?

Did you ever feel like recording your conversation with some special person of your life? You can do it easily by using few call recording apps which are available for free in a store. Some phones even come with default call recorder tool.

48. How to uninstall apps?

Is your phone filled with rarely used apps or the apps that consume a lot of memory space? Then you can uninstall them and make some space for the truly required app by you.

49. How to privately browse on any web browser?

Do you want to privately search in google chrome or other browsers? You can make use of default incognito mode which will be of helpful.

50. How to check IMEI number of any Phone?

Are you trying to sell any old phone online? or are you registering your phone for some reasons? Then you will surely need your phone's IMEI Number to do so.

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